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Welcome To My Page!

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I'm Lola Ditz!
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Check out my gallery to see my AU and other art!
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Princess Protection Program…
A Kind of Chaos…
Benevolence and Entropy…

Thanks to yuyusunshine, I'm considering starting YCH and Adopt bids. Would you guys like me to do this? 

17 deviants said Yus!! Art adventures! Learning experiences!
4 deviants said I dun care :v
2 deviants said Nah. Stick to doing next gen and stuff.


What is Cordverse?

Welp, if you've looked at my gallery it's obvious my favorite character is Discord from MLP:FIM. You should also know that my favorite shipping is the dynamic duo Fluttercord. Based off of this ship I created my own universe with the whole MLP cast involved. It actually begins when Discord wasn't in fact Discord, but Cordwood, an OC of mine. So initially, the AU was considered Wisteriaverse (sort of like the Pandoraverse) but now I see the main story of my AU is Discord, so it was renamed. However, I will know what you mean when you say either, doesn't matter to me. The AU itself is a future universe in which the cast is shipped and they start families of their own, along the way building their stories and characters.

Can I use your artwork for bases?

Nope. I believe that an artist needs to learn by just going and doing it while learning from their own mistakes and not someone else's.

Do you do commissions/requests/art trades?

For this information, you'll have to look in the 'Status' window. It says whether or not I'm open for these.

Do you give advice or tutorials?

Naw, at the moment I still consider myself an armature at best. So you probably won't be seeing anything like that soon. However, my YT channel offers speedpaints.

Can I do fan-art or write fan-fics about your characters/stories/AU?

Of course you can! Knock yourself out, and come to me when you're done so I can see/read it!

How old are you really?

I'm actually 18, but I'm more mature than most people my age...when around strangers that is.



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Moar Gifs~

About Me

LolaDitz| Alexis | Female

Hiya! I’m Alexis, but you can call me Lola. I’m a hobbyist proudly living in the states, spending much of my time drawing, writing, and school. I am currently studying for college, and working my way to being an art teacher. I dream of one day having a family with my cherished friend, and favorite loser, Gapeagle . I also hope to spread positivity and creativity with my art, making others smile and giving their day a little rainbow.

My favorite artists, and types of art styles here from DA include Lopoddity, GabiTozati, Ravietta, Skirtzzz, and TheCuriousFool. My favorite movies would be Emperors New Groove, Lemonade Mouth, Tangled (I am a Disney fan, okay), and Revenge of The Bridesmaids. My favorite shows are New Girl, Last Man Standing, Psych, MLP:FIM, and The Amazing World of Gumball. My favorite bands and genres of music include Classic Rock, TSH, TheFatRat, Owl City, Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, and FOB. Favorite books are the Matched Trilogy, 13 Reasons Why, and Everything~Everything. My favorite fimfiction writers are Gapeagle and DisneyFanatic. Favorite games are Halo, Spartan Total Warrior, and Dark Souls.

What Do I Use?

Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12

My Ponysona



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